I came up a little short on links again this morning – perhaps its time to widen the net again


Announcing NCover 2.0.4 – The NCover team announce a bugfix release of their code coverage tool


Mocks are a code smell – I think the title of this piece is a little misleading – this is a very interesting article by Greg Young about sending messages rather than calling methods

Andrew Arnott : Why double-clicking on an .SLN file doesn’t always launch Visual Studio – When the version detection goes wrong, soetimes you have to give it a helping hand

How to disconnect UI and Data in WPF (CachedObservableCollection) and some updates regarding ThreadSafeObservableCollection – Tamir Khason talks about delaying collection refreshes

Whois Client with .Net – A nice code sample demonstrating how to obtain whois information for a domain

Code Access Security, LinkDemand and Effective Sandbox – Thottam R. Sriram gives some more indepth information on CAS – this time testing LinkDemand