No policy type posts this weekend – mainly because it was nice and sunny for the first time this year, so I went out and took some photos.


SQL Editor for Database Developers – A simple yet effective SQL tool – GPL’d source code too, which is interesting too me as some of the stuff in it looks like it might be very useful for a project I’ve had on the back burner for a while

VS 2008 Web Development Hot-Fix Roll-Up Available – ScottGu announces the availability of a hotfix that resolves a number of performance problems in VS web development

Microsoft XSLT Profiler – A short review of the new XSLT profiler lanuched last week – its a shame it only works in Team System edition though

Microsoft Team System NUnit Adapter – Exact Magic Software, release a free NUnit addin to run Team System unit tests


Capturing the Screen Contents in .NET 2.0 – I never knew it was this simple to take screen captures!

WPF: A Beginner’s Guide – Part 4 of n – Sacha Barber continues his series, this time covering Dependency Properties

Using delegates – a simple sample – A nice simple sample of how delegate methods can really help make your code more reusable

Who’s On First? Solving the Top per Group Problem (Part 1: Technique) – Adam Machanic reviews a few techniques to solve one of the common SQL problems.

C# 4, part 4: My manifesto and wishlist – Jon Skeet continues his series on C# 4 features with the contents of his wishlist

Start With Something Simple – J.D. Meier talks about one of my favourite principles to apply to software development

Beattie’s First Rule of Application Development – Russell Beattie talks about the most important thing in application design – make it look pretty.


ASP.NET Wiki – Latest Microsoft .NET site – a wiki! Its still in beta, but already looks promising