The end of another week – this weekend you can expect a couple of ‘Morning Brew Policy’ posts, regarding things like reviews, what I will link to, and sponsorship – most of it will be like the policies of ‘The Daily Grind’ as I think that model worked well. If you’ve contacted me directly (and I’ve not yet replied) about any of these things, I will get back to you this weekend too.


.NET Mass Downloader 1.1 Released – Only a few days since its 1.0 release, John Robbins announces the release of v1.1


Beware the siren of yield return – Fritz Onion talks about the bad side of yield return – and reminds us that its important to make the right choice, not just the exciting new feature choice.

C# 4, part 2: Ideas from other community members – Jon Skeet continues his series by looking at the ideas others have suggested

C# 4, part 3: Ideas from Microsoft – … and in a third part of C#4 wish list features, Jon looks at the ideas from Microsoft

Using Extension Methods in .net 2.0 – Getting extension methods in .NET 2.0 via attribute faking

WPF and Property Dependencies Part I. – The start of a series on WPF databinding and controlling control dependencies

Visual Studio 2008 Performance Issues – If you are experiencing slowness in VS2008 it looks like there is some good news in the form of a hotfix on its way

Transparent Labels in WinForms – Rick Strahl covers a few techniques to make your labels see through