DotNetBar for Windows Forms 7.2 released – DevComponents release the latest version of their toolbar library with 39 toolbar controls, Free trial is available, and commercial licenses start at $214

DotNetZip, open source ZIP library for .NET applications, revs to v1.3 – Latest update for this open source Zip Component. This version includes better support for Linux, Java and ASP.NET, along with support for comments in the zip file and overwriting files.


A Naive Bayesian Spam Filter for C# – A reference implementation of Bayesian spam classification

C# Feature Idea: Static Extension Methods – Matt Hamilton calls out for static extension methods to be possible in C#4

How to Handle Null Values in Code – Basil Vandegriend talks about a number of techniques for dealing with null values.

Tell Me Your Unit Testing Pains – Phil Haack plays unit testing councillor – the comments are interesting on this post too

Did you know? – Changing ASP.NET Version restarts IIS – I was aware of this very annoing ‘feature’ of IIS, however there is a way around it, as this post shows.

Download All the .NET Reference Source Code at Once with Net Mass Downloader – John Robbins talks about a tool that allows you to download all the framework source so you can fill the IDE cache (to allow working offline), or simply be able to read the whole lot!

RESTful file uploads with HttpWebRequest and IHttpHandler – Mike Hadlow discusses a way of achieving a RESTful file upload in ASP.NET

Help With MSDN Help » “Hello World” – The SlickEdit Developer Blog – Scott Hackett gives a way of improving the performance of the help system

Visual Studio Gallery – The latest Microsoft Visual Studio sub site – this one is for the Visual Studio Extensibility community to market its wares, and contains both free and pay for addins and extensions.

A gentle geek introduction to Volta – A detailed step by step introduction to MS Volta – the launch of Volta passed me by, so this is a useful catch up


How to Measure Code Quality – This is a good metric!