Its the middle of the week – thank goodness – this week seems to be going very slowly.


CodeIt.Right v1.0 Released! – Serge Baranovsky announces the release of this Code Analysis, refactoring and guideline software.

Community Server 2008, Beta 1 – First beta of this widely used community tool – loads of new features – details in this announcement


TracerX Logger and Viewer for .NET – A detailed introduction to TracerX – a .NET logging framework

Publishing RSS and ATOM Feeds using WCF 3.5 Syndication Libraries – A quick guide to using System.ServiceModel.Syndication to create RSS and ATOM feeds

Multicores/manycores and conventional wisdoms – Linchi Shea confronts many of the traditional views on processors, and gives details from a UC Berkley report about the updated thoughts for multicore processors – Interesting read

Aligning Build Numbers with Assembly Versions in TFS2008. – Martin Woodward outlines a means of keeping them in sync using a custom build task and some MSBuild jiggery pokery

C# 4, part 1: Looking back at the past – Jon Skeet reviews mistakes made in previous versions of c# with a view to making a wishlist for C#4

For Loops: Using i++, ++i, Enumerators, or None of the Above? – Jeff Moser goes under the hood on different looping methods.