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The Morning Brew #13

Posted by on 18 Jan 2008 | Tagged as: .NET, Development, Morning Brew

The Visual Studio debug into .NET Framework code feature seem to be the talk of the town for the past day. Here are some of the other things that went on yesterday.


Are you Covered? Measuring the Quality of .NET Code with NCover – An overview of how code coverage tools (NCover in this case) can help you to identify the effectiveness of your testsuite


Advanced CI: integrating web applications – An article explaining how you can use the ASP.NET pre-compiler to check for compilation problems in your ASPX and ASCX files as a part of your continuous integration builds.

WPF : A Beginners guide part 1 of n – First part of a series giving an introduction to WPF – This part talks about Layout.

The evolution of Unit Testing Syntax and Semantics – Roy Osherove talks about how the techniques and methods of unit testing have developed

MF Bliki: PreferDesignSkills – Martin Fowler talks about the importance of developers knowing software design and patterns rather than the specifics of a particular platform, as good design knowledge is transferable.

Verifying objects do get Garbage Collected – The first post in a three part series discussing techniques for detecting garbage collection of your objects

The Morning Brew #12

Posted by on 17 Jan 2008 | Tagged as: .NET, Development, Morning Brew

I seem to be slipping later and later in the morning with these – Hopefully next week will be better.


Announcing Sandcastle Version 2.4.10115 – The latest update for this .NET documentation tool – includes a numbe rof bug fixes and a few new features

Attrice Corporation MSBuild Sidekick v2 – A tool for manipulating Project Files, Solution Files, and MSBuild projects, including support for both MSBuild 2.0 and 3.5 – Free trial available and prices from $55

Compare SQL Database Schema – A simple database comparison application, which makes use of the WPF Document namespace for creating the report.

Syndicated Client Experiences Starter Kit – Tim Sneath announces the release of a WPF SDK for creating newspaper style applications using WPF

Yahoo! Media Player Web Control – One of my colleagues has created a simple ASP.NET control for the recently released Yahoo! Media Player


.NET Framework Library Source Code now available – Today’s big news seems to be the ability to get .NET Framework source in VS2008 has been released. ScottGu gives the details.

Why I Love F#: Type-safe Format Strings – Another nice feature of F#

CSLA .NET 3.5 Jan 15 preview release – Rockford Lhotka announces a new preview release of his application framework – with a beta planned for later in the month

A Naming Scheme for Database Tables and Fields – A document outlining a database naming convention – Its not my favourite scheme but I’ve seen it used and its always good to hear the reasons behind its use.

Multiple Window Interface for WPF – Using WPF to create that familiar MDI style interface – with a few WPF niceties.


QNX PocketGeek – Flash game where the objective is to motivate your ‘PocketGeek’ a developer with a project to finish

The Morning Brew #11

Posted by on 16 Jan 2008 | Tagged as: .NET, Development, Morning Brew

Putting The Morning Brew together is always better when done with a nice cup of coffee in hand.


Rhino ETL 2.0 – Ayende announces the latest version of his Rhino ETL library

jQuery 1.2.2 Released – Latest update to my favourite Javascript library

AssemblyInfo Reflector Add In – An add in for Lutz Roeder’ .NET Reflector which examines the assembly info on an assembly (Link doesn’t seem to work in Firefox – it does in IE though)


Multiple Window Interface for WPF – Using WPF to create that familiar MDI style interface – with a few WPF niceties.

StopwatchWriter Class – A useful use of the using statement and dispose pattern to make timing operations simple.

SQLite on .NET in 3 minutes – A good quick start guide for the SQLite embedded database

The Architecture Journal – Journal 14 – Mobile Architecture – My physical copy of Journal 14 arrived in the post the other day – you can get it all online

Continuous Integration: From Theory to Practice 2nd Edition – From the software development trenches – Freshly updated to the 2008 level of tools (VS2008, .NET 3.5, MSBuild 3.5, etc) – and with loads of new information about setting up different tools alongside your build

CSS Poster – CSS Poster is a web based tool that creates a visual representation of your CSS style rules

F# Programming Fast Guide – An excellent collection of links regarding all aspects of F#

Build your own CAB #17: Boil down the "wiring" to a Registry – Jeremy Miller continues his series by discussing his view of the Registry pattern

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