I seem to be slipping later and later in the morning with these – Hopefully next week will be better.


Announcing Sandcastle Version 2.4.10115 – The latest update for this .NET documentation tool – includes a numbe rof bug fixes and a few new features

Attrice Corporation MSBuild Sidekick v2 – A tool for manipulating Project Files, Solution Files, and MSBuild projects, including support for both MSBuild 2.0 and 3.5 – Free trial available and prices from $55

Compare SQL Database Schema – A simple database comparison application, which makes use of the WPF Document namespace for creating the report.

Syndicated Client Experiences Starter Kit – Tim Sneath announces the release of a WPF SDK for creating newspaper style applications using WPF

Yahoo! Media Player Web Control – One of my colleagues has created a simple ASP.NET control for the recently released Yahoo! Media Player


.NET Framework Library Source Code now available – Today’s big news seems to be the ability to get .NET Framework source in VS2008 has been released. ScottGu gives the details.

Why I Love F#: Type-safe Format Strings – Another nice feature of F#

CSLA .NET 3.5 Jan 15 preview release – Rockford Lhotka announces a new preview release of his application framework – with a beta planned for later in the month

A Naming Scheme for Database Tables and Fields – A document outlining a database naming convention – Its not my favourite scheme but I’ve seen it used and its always good to hear the reasons behind its use.

Multiple Window Interface for WPF – Using WPF to create that familiar MDI style interface – with a few WPF niceties.


QNX PocketGeek – Flash game where the objective is to motivate your ‘PocketGeek’ a developer with a project to finish