The Visual Studio debug into .NET Framework code feature seem to be the talk of the town for the past day. Here are some of the other things that went on yesterday.


Are you Covered? Measuring the Quality of .NET Code with NCover – An overview of how code coverage tools (NCover in this case) can help you to identify the effectiveness of your testsuite


Advanced CI: integrating web applications – An article explaining how you can use the ASP.NET pre-compiler to check for compilation problems in your ASPX and ASCX files as a part of your continuous integration builds.

WPF : A Beginners guide part 1 of n – First part of a series giving an introduction to WPF – This part talks about Layout.

The evolution of Unit Testing Syntax and Semantics – Roy Osherove talks about how the techniques and methods of unit testing have developed

MF Bliki: PreferDesignSkills – Martin Fowler talks about the importance of developers knowing software design and patterns rather than the specifics of a particular platform, as good design knowledge is transferable.

Verifying objects do get Garbage Collected – The first post in a three part series discussing techniques for detecting garbage collection of your objects