Putting The Morning Brew together is always better when done with a nice cup of coffee in hand.


Rhino ETL 2.0 – Ayende announces the latest version of his Rhino ETL library

jQuery 1.2.2 Released – Latest update to my favourite Javascript library

AssemblyInfo Reflector Add In – An add in for Lutz Roeder’ .NET Reflector which examines the assembly info on an assembly (Link doesn’t seem to work in Firefox – it does in IE though)


Multiple Window Interface for WPF – Using WPF to create that familiar MDI style interface – with a few WPF niceties.

StopwatchWriter Class – A useful use of the using statement and dispose pattern to make timing operations simple.

SQLite on .NET in 3 minutes – A good quick start guide for the SQLite embedded database

The Architecture Journal – Journal 14 – Mobile Architecture – My physical copy of Journal 14 arrived in the post the other day – you can get it all online

Continuous Integration: From Theory to Practice 2nd Edition – From the software development trenches – Freshly updated to the 2008 level of tools (VS2008, .NET 3.5, MSBuild 3.5, etc) – and with loads of new information about setting up different tools alongside your build

CSS Poster – CSS Poster is a web based tool that creates a visual representation of your CSS style rules

F# Programming Fast Guide – An excellent collection of links regarding all aspects of F#

Build your own CAB #17: Boil down the "wiring" to a Registry – Jeremy Miller continues his series by discussing his view of the Registry pattern