NetAdvantage for WPF RTM – After a period of Beta testing this collection of rather attractive looking business WPF controls has now been released for download


Explicit Strongly Typed Selective Proxies – This article applies Castle Dynamic Proxy to sho how you can intercept method calls to specific methods on classes

10 ASP.NET Performance and Scalability Secrets – 10 things to help you ASP.NET application fly – some of the tips apply to any technology but al the examples are ASP.NET/Microsoft related

Troubleshooting Expired ASP.NET Session State and Your Options – Scott Hanselman gives some tips on debugging session state problems

Three Rules for Database Work – K. Scott Allen talks about some best practices for databases which really should be part of your development project (but seldom are)

Why threading is hard – Mike Stall talks about the factors that make threading hard

WPF : A Beginners guide part 3 of n – Sacha Barber’s third part of this series, this article covers commands and events.

How-To: Use ClickOnce to deploy your Applications – Shahar Gvirtz gives an overview of clickonce set up with lots of screen shots.


HelloSecureWorld – Microsoft’s new, slightly weird, security site. Collects together videos, virtual labs and blogs in the developer security space