I managed to get most of today’s post prepared last night, so I’m a little earlier posting today.


Increment Build No in VS.Net – A useful little build tool to change the AssemblyInfo.cs build number – something I always forget to do when bugfixing – so this should save me at least 1 rebuild for every bug fix!

Irony – .NET Compiler Construction Kit – The first public alpha of this pure C# code parsing library


I’ve got the Iteration #1 Blues – Jeremy D. Miller talks about getting the foundations of your project environment in place early on, so you don’t have to retro fit (or worse still make do without) later on.

Lack of Coverage Tools for .NET – Bil Simser remarks on the lack of free Code Coverage tools – the comments contain a few suggestions that I’ll be checking out.

Using MVC to Unit Test WPF Applications – An MVC Unit Testing article – this one deals with WPF applications and goes into a good level of detail

Custom Controls Design Time Support Part 11: Designer Verbs – An excellent tip – something I’ve never come across before. The rest of this series is well worth a look if you have never tried creating custom controls

.NET Framework 3.5 deployment guides have been published on MSDN – Aaron Stebner collects together the different deployment guides for the 3.5 version of the framework


The programmer who programs least, programs best. – Justin Etheredge extols the virtues of writing less code


So A Model, A View, and a Controller Walk Into a Bar – An alternative explanation of MVC