A lot to report today – a mixture of links from the weekend and yesterday make up today’s post.


KryptonCheckedListBox – Another new control added to the Free to use Krypton Toolkit

Aspose.BarCode for .NET v2.4.1.0 – Latest release of this barcoding component which adds support for recognition of UPS OneCode barcodes

Face and Eyes Detection Using OpenCV – A .NET’ized version of OpenCv allowing face detection in .NET applications

Source Code Outliner 1.0 PowerToy for Visual Studio 2008 – New power toy for Visual Studio, with full source available.

Announcing RTW version of Visual Studio 2008 Web Deployment Projects (WDP) – The Visual Web Developer team announce the Release To Web (RTW) of their latest Web Deployment Projects


Whitebox vs Blackbox testing – Derik Whittaker gives the pros and cons of both locations for your unit tests.

Source Control and Continuous Integration On The Cheap – Rob Conery sets up Source code control and CI using Subversion and TeamCity (by JetBrains)

Detect Client IP in WCF 3.5 – Keyvan Nayyeri shows a .NET 3.5 technique for getting your WCF Service’s client’s IP address

HashSet versus Dictionary Cage Match – A performance analysis of the new .NET 3.5 HashSet and the traditional dictionary.

Expectation Based Testing with Mocks – A simple introduction to Expectation based mocking using Rhino.Mocks

HowTo: SubSonic Introduction – Tony Testa gives a sstep by step introductory tutorial for Subsonic with plenty of code samples

C# Enum Craziness: Sometimes What You Expect Isn’t The Case « Spontaneous Publicity – Luke Foust talks about some of the stranger behaviour of the enum

Latest DLR Hosting Spec – John Lam links to the latest version of the DLR Hosting Specification

CodeProject: URL Object Serialization: An effortless approach to user account confirmation. Free source code and programming help – An interesting use of Serialisation , compressopn and Encryption – not sure if I’d use it in the way the article does, but it illustrates the concepts nicely.

Dynamic Creation Of Assemblies/Apps – A tour of the System.CodeDom functionality of the .NET framework.

How agile are you? – A 42 point test to evaluate how much your team has embraced agile principles. Like so many of these tests I doubt any team would score 42, but scoring something approaching that really should be possible for teams that diligently follow agile principles to the letter.

10 Lessons in Scalability from MySpace – An interesting analysis of the performance tricks that MySpace have used in order to service the demands placed on their systems.

Top 5 Attributes of Highly Effective Programmers – A detailed discussion of 5 very important attributes for good programmers.