It seems to have been a busy weekend for .NET related stuff. There will be a few more links from the weekend in tomorrows post.


Source Code Outliner 1.0 PowerToy for Visual Studio 2008 – New power toy for Visual Studio, with full source available.

Announcing RTW version of Visual Studio 2008 Web Deployment Projects (WDP) – The Visual Web Developer team announce the Release To Web (RTW) of their latest Web Deployment Projects


CLR Fun Stuff: How is my C# code converted into machine instructions? – Shafqat Ahmed gives an overview of what happens under the hood of the .NET Framework at runtime. Vital reading as ll .NET developers should have an awareness of how this stuff happens.

Introduction to the new .net 3.5 HashSet class – An introduction to set theory and some examples of the new HashSet class in use.

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Roadmap Clarification – Details of the current plan for SQL Server 2008 release dates.

An easier Table Design View in Sql Server Management Studio – Rick Strahl shows how you can get an easier table editor in management studio – this is a great tip as it solves something that I’ve always found annoying.

Building your own Visual Studio Source Code Outliner extension – A step by step guide to creating a Visual Studio Tool Window using the 2008 SDK.

Code Access Security – Understanding Demand and Declarative Security – Thottam R. Sriram gives an overview of declarative security, using attributes to specify the security requirements of methods.

Future Focus I: Dynamic Lookup – Charlie Calvert and Mads Torgersen start a series of articles which reveal the plans for future Visual studio versions with regard to C#. This month they talk about plans for Dynamic Lookup in C# (similar to VB.NET late binding) which would make COM interop and integration with dynamic languages much easier

Design Patterns – Observer Pattern – An overview of the Observer pattern with a simple example implementation

Create a system tray icon and a dialog in the windows service – Jerry Wang shows a technique to allow a Windows service to place an icon in the system tray to allow configuration of the service by the logged in user

C# 3.0 New Language Features (Part 2) – Mony Hamza completes his coverage for new C# features with a review of Anonymous Types, Lambda Expressions, Query Keywords, Auto-implemented Properties and Partial Method Definitions


Use Cases for Loading and Saving OOXML documents in Aspose.Words – The folks at Aspose are seeking advice from the developer community about a particular feature of their API. This is a really nice thing to see a tools vendor doing.