At last it is Friday – this week has felt like a very long one. If you have any suggestions for items that should be in the Morning Coffee, please drop me an email – – and I’ll consider putting it in the next issue.


KryptonListBox – New Office 2003/2007 styled list box control added to this free to use control library.

Aspose.Network for .NET v3.8.0.0 – Latest Update of the Aspose.Network component. New features include SSL on POP3 and IMAP connections along with a number of bug fixes

Table Data Exporter – Simple utility to export data from a table to a set of insert statements


Development Homeruns – Larry O’Brien continues the discussion about developer productivity

Strongly Typed Datasets (.NET 2.0) – Course Notes – Course Notes from an online course giving lots of information about Strongly Typed Data Sets

Executing Code in Partial Trust Environments : DevTopics – A nice review of Code Access Security and and how you can work in Partial Trust environments.

.NET Graphical Resources – If like me you require as much help as possible in making a GUI look nice, John Russell Plant’s round up of a few graphical resources will be very welcome

Gotchas: Fusion Log Viewer, your best friend for assembly load errors – A reminder about the existance of the Fusion Log Viewer application – a tool to help diagnose assembly loading problems

Create HTTP Endpoint (Web Service) in Sql Server 2005 – A quick example of how easy it is to make a web service in the database in SQL 2005

Avoid API breaking changes – Patrick Smacchia talks about the System.ObsoleteAttribute and some other techniques for checking your API for backward compatibility and breaking changes.

How to write stories _before_ the project kicks off – Jeffrey Palermo gives some thoughts on starting a new project and writing good user stories

Dependency Injection with Spring.Net – No idea if this is a new article or not, but it covers dependency injection using Spring.Net in good detail

Aspect Oriented Programming with .NET with Windsor – A quick introduction to Interceptors using Windsor.