Welcome to the Web Deployment Team blog – A new Team Blog, and a new rather interesting tool to help keep IIS servers in sync – this looks like it could be really useful


Chaining the C# ?? Operator – Rick Strahl reminds us of the power of the ?? operator

Shredding XML into tables – Kent Tegels gives SQL 2005 and SQL 2008 ways of achieving the same goal.

Looking Inside C# Closures – Bill Wagner covers C# Closures by giving an example of their use

Announcing the MTPS REST API – Craig Andera announces a public prototype at MSDN Labs of a REST implementation for the Microsoft Technet Publishing Service

Writing unit tests for an MVC Framework controller sucks – Mike Hadlow talks about the differences between unit testing Monorail controllers and controllers in the new Microsoft MVC framework.

There is too much money to be made in software development – Raymond Lewallen starts an interesting discussion – the comments are worth a read

MSDN/Architecture Journal Readers and the Reader SDK – Microsoft are eating their own dog food by using the recently released Reader SDK (Syndicated Client Experiences Starter Kit) to create reader apps for MSDN and the Architecture Journal.

Use C# 3 features from C# 2 and .NET 2.0 code (var keyword, anoynoymous types, auto-properties and more from .NET 2.0 project) – Shahar Gvirtz Weblog – Shahar Gvirtz uncovers some the details of how VS2008 allows targeting of .NET 2.when you use .NET 3+ features


Heroes Happen Here – UK Launch Event – I held off mentioning the Microsoft UK 2008 product launch event as I thought by the time I’d posted it there would be no spaces left – however it still sounds as though there are places available.