Thanks to those who responded to yesterdays incorrectly worded request about display problems with the feed. I think it might be down to some strangeness in the feed generated by FeedBurner – more investigation to follow.


SQL Server 2005 Best Practices Analyzer – Released last week – this is the January 2008 update

Announcing Graffiti Beta 2 – Telligent release the latest beta of their new CMS software


Defensive Coding best practice – Derik Whittaker talks about null reference exceptions and how you can help to avoid them by being defensive in your code

SQL Server Version Numbers – That @@version number means my SQL Server is running what SP? – Greg Duncan gathers together the different version number and their corresponding service pack numbers

Research Supports The Effectiveness of TDD – Phil Haack talks about the evidence to support TDD as an effectiveness enhancer for developers

Obtain System Information Using Windows Management Instrumentation Calls – A good overview of tools and methods for working with WMI to obtain information from Windows.

OpenID implementation in C# and ASP.NET – Mads Kristensen investigates Open ID and implements Open ID Authentication in ASP.NET

ASP.NET Personal Web Site Starter Kit – Ajax Enabled with .NET Framework 3.5 and VS2008 – Brad Abrams talks you through upgrading the Personal Web Site Starter Kit to take advantage of the new features of VS2008 and .NET 2.5


Get Ready for SQL Server 2008! – Details of a free virtual conference to be held tomorrow.

Wanna Blog on ASP.NET ?? – are after some new bloggers to join the ranks along side their well known bloggers