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F# Compiler – The F# compiler has been updated to version


Increasing the Business Value of Software Using a Separation of Concerns Approach to Software Testing – Interesting slide deck, talking about the different types of testing, and giving some tips for each of them.

FxCop: Writing Your Own Custom Rules – A comprehensive FxCop resource detailing the construction of custom rules for FxCop.

Intellisense-like method selection pop-up window – A tutorial in creating AutoComplete selection lists in WPF

Two data types to represent a period of time with NHibernate usertypers – Two examples of classes to use for time periods, and how you can integrate them with you NHibernate persistence.

The Essential Agile Reading List – Patrick Kua gathers together some of the ebst books on agile development.

The One Minute Build – Peter Gillard-Moss talks about the imprtance of a quick build in your Continuous Integration setup.

Creating a Yellow Fade with ASP.NET AJAX Toolkit – Stephen Wright goes through the process of creating the famous AJAX ‘I’ve update this bit’ fade effect


Geek Speak "Problems and Solutions When Implementing a Windows CardSpace Identity Provider" – Upcoming web cast event from MSDN featuring Barry Dorrans talking on real world CardSpace use.