The Morning Brew’s subscriber numbers seem to have jumped quite dramatically over the weekend – I suspect that Jay Kimble has something to do with that – Thanks for your kind words Jay!


Simple Column Chart Generator – A nice simple .NET column chart library with sample application

Idera SQL Job Manager – Get a free copy of this SQL Server Job manager – offer runs until 31st January. The tool looks pretty useful – especially if you manage lots of SQL Servers


User Account Control Helpers Library – A very useful library to help deal with Vista’s UAC – giving help with embedding application manifests for specifying execution level, and working with UAC within your application when you need enhanced permissions.

WPF : A Beginners guide part 2 of n – Second part of this WPF introduction series.This part talks about how to structure your application in terms of XAML, code, references, extensions and resources.

SQL Server 2008 TSQL – Table Valued Parameters – Simon Sabin introduces a fantastic new feature of SQL Server 2008 – this is going to make life so much easier

How to use Reflection to test your code – This article highlights a number of Reflection techniques in order to build a simple testing framework application.

Window Tabifier – An interesting article (and demo project) dealing with window management. The sample application allows you to host many applications windows within it, in an interface much like the Terminals RDP client.

Compress Folders with C# and the SharpZipLib – A good sample application showing how to compress files with SharpZipLib.

Text to Speech Synthesis in 1 minute under .NET 3.0 – I love it when things are this simple – making you apps talk certainly looks that way in .NET 3.0


NDepend, Cyclic Dependencies, and the Shroud of Turing – Its amazing what detail NDepend can uncover!