I really need to get into the habit of preparing these the night before for a much less stressful morning!


SQL Server Runner – A useful looking utility for running batches of SQL scripts on a database – bout GUI and console applications provided so you can integrate it into your builds easily too.

Facebook.NET Update – Nikhil Kothari announces an update to the codeplex hosted Facebook.NET integration libarary


Amazon Explorer Using 3D – Combining the Amazon web service with some wizzy WPF

How to use SocketAsyncEventArgs class. – A technique for high performance socket code

CSV Format Encoder and Decoder – Simple library for reading and writing Comma separated values file format

Catching Handled Exceptions During Debugging – An Excellent Visual Studio tip for working with exceptions which are handled in your applicaiton

Ajax Control Toolkit – Part One – The first of a multi part series giving an overview of the Ajax Control Toolkit

Immutable types: understand their benefits and use them – Patrick Smacchia give a wonderfully detailed discussion of Immutability.

Issues with the XmlSerializer in medium trust environments – A technique to help avoid security problems when running serialisation code.

Type Aliases in C# – Matt Hamilton reminds us all of the aliasing capability of the using statement