• You suck at TDD #3 – Design sensitivity and improvement – Eric Gunnerson continues his series on Test Driven Development taking a look at design, and how TDD helps elicit design feedback
  • Micro Services Architecture – A Practical Look – Patryk Borowa takes a look at Microservices, discussing the architecture, sharing thoughts on their application and also identifying some of the potential issues that can arise in building microservices architecture based applications
  • Pseudocode-Driven Development with F# – Stachu Korick takes a look at how F# lends its self towards pseudocode driven development, starting with a skeleton in code which resembles human readable instructions and fleshing it out into a working solution
  • Learn the machine! – Alena Hall shares a detailed look at machine learning on the .NET platform look at leveraging the and F# to perform a variety of machine learning tasks.
  • Chocolatey Community Feed State of the Union – Rob Reynolds gives an update on the Chocolatey project, and its successes and failures in introducing package moderation to improve consumer confidence, as well as outlining the way forward for Chocolatey
  • Safe Native Code – Joe Duffy shares another very detailed instalment looking at the Midori language, this time discussing how the compiler obtained native like performance with managed like code.
  • Tree-shaking with Webpack 2 and Babel 6 & Installing past or future versions of npm packages – Dr. Axel Rauschmayer discusses the practice of Tree-Shaking to eliminate unused code during a compile / minification process, looking at the implementation in Webpack2 and Babel6, and also discusses loading in older (or specific) versions of npm packages
  • White Tower Summoning Enhanced: The Marvels of ES6 Classes – Jaime González García continues his JavaScript for C# developers series with a look at the details of ECMAScript6 classes