• Inferring from "is", part two – Eric Lippert continues his discussion of the need for casting after testing with the is operator, discussing how the compiler is unable to infer the type discussing some proposed solutions
  • It’s happening – OpenSSH for Windows…from Microsoft – Scott Hanselman highlights the first release of OpenSSH for Windows from the Windows PowerShell Team, discussing how its progressing and getting involved in the community project by reporting issues.
  • MSDN Magazine: Special Windows 10 Issue – Clint Rutkas highlights a special edition of MSDN Magazine entirely focusing on windows 10 Development, with development topics ranging from Visual Studio tooling through to game development
  • 12 Rules for Professional JavaScript in 2015 – Cory House shares 12 ‘rules’ for JavaScript development from his point of view
  • Know your Node.js (and VS Code) – Greg Duncan highlights three Node.js development topics when working with the Visual Studio Code lightweight cross platform IDE.
  • Chrome Devtools Tips & Tricks – ‘molsson’ shares some useful tips for working with the Chrom Developer Tools, revealing the power of this browser tooling.
  • Reactive Extensions (Rx) – Gautham Prabhu K shares an introduction to the use of the Reactive Extensions in reactive programming using observation to handle streams of events,
  • Troy’s UK (and a bit of Norway) tour dates – Troy Hunt is coming to the UK (and Norway) in January, and is sharing dates looking for any potential User Group or meet and greet opportunities while he is here