• AutoMapper 4.1.0 Released – Jimmy Bogard announces the release of AutoMapper 4.1.0, a release which involved internal refactorings, and rounding out of the type map resolution work started in 4.0.
  • Open Sourcing App Service Mobile .NET Server SDK – Donna Malayeri announces the news that the .NET Server SDK for App Service Mobile is following in the footsteps of the Node.js Server SDK in being released as an open source project.



  • Are you in the mood for HTTP? – Glenn Block announces the launch of a new podcast series in conjunction with Darrel Miller, discussing all things HTTP
  • The Dev Bakery – November 2015 – The Dev Bakery .NET Usergroup based just outside Manchester welcome Ashic Mahtab for a session on 18th November 2015 looking at the use of Cassandra for .NET Development.