• Vorlon.js 0.0.15 is out ! – Etienne Margraff announces the release of Vorlon.js 0.0.15, the result of two months work, 66 pull requestes, 78 issues and 547 commits, providing an even better debugging experience for your client side JavaScript remotely, including a new XMLHttpRequest monitor panel, network monitor, and AngularJS monitor.
  • SSDT June 2015 Preview – Kevin Cunnane announces the first preview release of SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) 2015 as a part of their ‘Fast-Train’ previews, and includes new features in Azure SQL Databases and the SQL Server 2016 CTP releases
  • Rebooting Database Localization for ASP.NET with West Wind Globalization 2.0 – Rick Strahl announces the release of the latest version of his West Wind Globalization library which provides Database Localization for ASP,NET. This release includes all the changes that Rick has been blogging about recently, and Rick also provides a 25 minute introductory video to help you get started.


  • Source Code Download – Scott Ge highlights the open sourcing of the site, which uses Microsoft’s Project Oxford Face Algorithms to detect similarities in faces
  • Examining Application Startup in ASP.NET 5 – Steve Smith takes a look at the application startup process in ASP.NET 5 applications, looking at how it works, and where it has drawn on the OWIN principles
  • Get my new Pluralsight course on CloudFlare for free! – Troy Hunt highlights a limited time free access to his latest PluralSight course ‘Getting Started with CloudFlare Security’ looking at adding SSL and site security features to your site using CloudFlare.
  • Succeeding with Automated Integration Tests – Jeremy D Miller continues his series of posts looking at test automation and integration testing with a look at some of the factors which affect success with automated integration tests, as well as sharing some of his best practices
  • What is ASP.NET console application? – Gunnar Peipman answers a common question – What is an ASP.NET Console Application, discussing the new ASP.NET 5 framework and DNX runtime.


  • NDC 2015 Videos
    – Kevin Logan highlights the availability of the Video recordings of session from the 2015 conference which took place last week – plenty of good content there