• MAT v4.0 Technical Preview Update 4 is available. – Cameron Lerum and the Multilingual App Toolkit team announce the 4th Technical Preview of the Multilingual App Toolkit V4, which adds new features to the library along with addressing bug reports for Xamarin and Windows platforms.


  • Backwards compatibility is (still) hard – Jon Skeet discusses the pains of maintaining backwards compatibility in C#, looking at some examples from his work on ProtoBuffers, and illustrating the benefits from a readability point of view of Named and Default Parameters, but highlighting their cost in terms of backward compatibility
  • ASP.NET 5 MVC 6 Custom Protobuf Formatters – ‘damienbod’ takes a look at using Profobuf, implementing support in PAS.NET 5 MVC 6 as Custom InputFormatters and OutputFormatters
  • MonolithFirst – Martin Fowler discusses the successful MicroServices architectures and how most have evolved from a monolithic application, rather than being created as MicroServices from the get go.
  • End-to-End Hypermedia: Building the Server – Jimmy Bogard continues his series about HyperMedia with a look at building the server implementation for an example service, leveraging a number of NuGet packages to help build out the server.
  • Strongly typed AppSettings Configuration in ASP.NET 5 – Rick Strahl takes a detailed look at the new Configuration System provided in ASP.NET 5
  • JSDoc Support in ReSharper 9.1 – Artem Bukhonov and the team over at JetBrains highlight their support for JSDoc in ReSharper 9.1, a much requested feature for TypeScript and JavaScript developers using the ReSharper tooling.
  • Time to First Byte, Why It is Important and How You Can Improve Your Time – Chris Love discusses the perception importance of the Time to First Byte when serving web content, and looks at some techniques which can help you to improve that time.
  • Lesser-Known NHibernate Features: Dynamic Components – Ricardo Peres shares another of his ‘Lesser Known’ NHibernate features with a look at the use of Dynamic Components which allow you to map a partial selection of columns onto a dictionary within a class.
  • Building ReactJs component And Integration of ReactJs with AngularJS – Ashtekar Amit looks at combining Angular JS with React to help improve the performance of specific areas of Angular when dealing with large numbers of records.