• How to update to Code v0.3.0 – The Visual Studio Code team announce the release of their first update, taking the projects version number to 0.3.0, and adding support for Command Line arguments, improvements to Multi-cursor, commenting, selection, indentation, wrapping, and much more
  • Visual Studio Online Update – June 3rd – Brian Harry gives an update on the release of the latest set of features for Visual Studio Online, beginning rollout today
  • Introducing the Project System Extensibility SDK Preview – Andrew Arnott of the Visual Studio Team announces the release of the Preview of the Project System Extensibility SDK which makes it ever easier to extend Visual Studio project types with your own features and user experience.
  • The Windows 10 Upgrade Notification Users Will Start Seeing – Rey Bango highlights the Window 10 upgrade notification what users of Windows 7 , 8 and 8.1 will start to see to allow them to register interest in having the upgrade when it is released in July.


  • MSDN Magazine – June 2015 Issue – The June edition of MSDN Magazine is available online now, featuring articles covering Xamarin Databinding, Big Data and MapRedice using the ASP.NET pipeline, Responsive Websites, Visual Studio Templates using SideWaffle, and much more
  • It’s time for A grade SSL on Azure websites – Troy Hunt takes a look at the recent announcement of updates to SSL on the Azure Websites service, announced via email in the past few days
  • Breaking Changes and Unity – Paulo Zemek discusses the principle of programming to the interface not implementation, and discusses how this practice can help avoid issues with external library updates
  • Solution to Little Puzzlers – Validate a Sudoku Board – James Michael Hare shares his solution to his latest ‘little puzzlers’ problem about validation of a Sudoku board
  • C# Futures: Immutable Classes – Jonathan Allen continues his series of posts looking at some of the proposals for future releases of C#, exploring proposal 159 which is to add support for immutable classes at the compiler level.
  • What makes a good metric? – Eric Gunnerson discusses what makes a good metric, giving a nice definition of 3 points which go towards making a good metric
  • Agile is… – Nathan Gloyn follows on from his previous post of techniques which do not make you and your team agile with a look at some of the key things which do make you and your team agile.


  • Extracting software architecture from code – Simon Brown will be giving an ‘In the Brain of’ session at Skills Matter on Monday 8th June, which will be a hands on session looking at extracting architecture from an existing application