• Introducing .NET Core – Immo Landwerth builds on the announcements at Connect() about .NET Core, discussing what it is, and looking at how it is going to be released, and also how it relates to the main .NET Framework
  • Constrained C# – Part 2 – Paulo Zemek continues his series looking at possible improvements to the C# language by adding further constraints – in this post Paulo clarifies points from the first post and responds to comments.
  • Hosting multiple WebAPI servers in a single process – Aaron Powell takes a look at spinning up multiple WebAPI servers in a single process to facilitate integration testing of such services.
  • Faking 3rd party dependencies – Cellfish discusses how he handles 3rd party dependencies from a testing point of view.
  • The JavaScript Overload and Micro Frameworks – Dino Esposito discusses the ever increasing dependency on JavaScript for our web based applications and how the number of these frameworks included in applications is on the increase
  • .NET Handling of Large Size Config File Issues – Nilesh Morankar shares a simple but useful tip regarding the structure of .NET application configuration files.