• Visual Studio Tools for Unity 2.0 Preview – JB Evain shres a preview of the Visual Studio Tools for Unity 2.0 features which aim to bring a rich programming and debugging experience for the Unity gaming platform. The tools operate in Visual Studio 2015 Preview and also in VS2013, including the new community edition
  • Visual Studio Online Update – Dec 2nd – Brian Harry announce the Sprint 74 update to Visual Studio Online, including improvements to the way in which users identity can be picked for assignment of work


  • MSDN Magazine – The December 2014 Edition of MSDN Magazine is now available online with a look at roaming users between desktop and mobile applications, continuation of the series on Unity, bluetooth file sharing, push notifications, mobile analytics, Voice Recognition, MEAN stack applications, Domain Drive Development, Responsive images and much more
  • Getting ready for the future with the Microsoft .NET Portability Analyzer – Scott Hanselman discusses the use of the .NET Portability Analyzer for making sure your code can be run on the ever increasing variety of platforms that support .NET
  • Introducing the NuGet PowerShell Commands Survey – Jeff Fritz and the NuGet team are looking for feedback on the PowerShell experience for NuGet, if you have 5 minutes spare please give them feedback on the commands you use to interact with NuGet.
  • How to Write Effective API Sample Code – Peter Gruenbaum shares some thoughts on creating good sample code for APIs you publish, suggesting you avoid some of the ‘best practice’ development practices for production code to allow the developer looking at your sample to more easily comprehend the API beneath.
  • Git and GitHub Resources – Phil Haack shares a number of really useful resources for getting up to speed and beyond with git, git on Windows and GitHub.
  • JavaScript Modules the ES6 Way – 24 ways – The 24 Ways Web Development Advent Calendar returns for another year with daily Web Development articles throughout December looking at all aspects of web development, including this piece from Jack Franklin on JavaScript Models in an ECMAScript 6 world.
  • The real and complete story – Does Windows defragment your SSD? – Scott Hanselman discusses the maintenance of SSD disks in Windows, aiming to get a greater understanding of what Windows does on your behalf and if it is doing things which can harm your SSD.