Short edition today as I think most blog authors have been taking Thanksgiving off – have a great weekend everyone.



  • Basic Micro-Optimizations Part 2 – Karl Seguin continues this series of posts looking at performing micro-optimisations to code, sharing a real world example from a HTTP based API created in Go
  • The First Days of the New .NET – Pascal Laurin shares an impressive collection of links relating to the Open Source announcements surrounding the .NET platform
  • ArrayLists, Generic Lists, Is There A Way To Insert Items Faster? – Pascal Ganaye takes a look at the performance of various collection classes in a number of different scenarios, digging a little deeper into the code to see why they behave differently in this somewhat old CodeProject article – still interesting stuff though
  • Some light reading on lock-free programming – Raymond Chen shares some great holiday reading (and watching) on the concepts and practices of lock free programming