• I’m stuck in someone’s for loop – Scott Hanselman shares his (and mine, and I suspect your) frustrations with applications across a wide range of platforms which don’t properly take advantage of the capabilities of async programming to avoid blocking the UI
  • Chocolatey Now has Package Moderation – Rob Reynolds announces the new package moderation process for Chocolatey, meaning there is now a quality barrier for packages to ensure they meet the needs of the community
  • Career planning: Disaster recovery – Ayende continues his series on career development with a discussion of some of the things that can go wrong in a career and what can be done to recover the situation
  • Book Recommendations for a Tech Lead – Pat Kua shares some soft skills book recommendations for technical leads
  • AngularJs and Promises with the $http Service – Rick Strahl takes a look at the support for promises in AngularJS looking at the standard deferred promises and those returned from the $http service, sharing how he has ended up working with them
  • A Look at ETW – Part 1 & A Look at ETW – Part 2 – Kim Johnson takes a look at Event Tracing for Windows, and explores its use further with Entity Framework creating strongly typed events for IDbConnectionInterceptor and IDbCommandInterceptor interfaces
  • The Simple-Talk Magazine
    – Melanie Townsend highlights the Simple Talk magazine – available as a PDF (or print copy if you attend the right conferences)