• Visual Studio "14" CTP – S.Somasegar kicks off the announcements of the availability of the first Community Technology Preview release of Visual Studio 14 which will likely culminate in a release in 2015. This release already contains all the ASP.NET vNext, Roslyn Compiler and new C++ 11 and 14 features.
  • The first Visual Studio "14" CTP – Brian Harry highlights the Visual Studio vNext CTP release, and also explains why there is no corresponding TFS release
  • Visual Studio "14" CTP now available – John Montgomery of the Visual Studio team highlights the CTP release, and shares links to further information about the various aspects of the release.
  • Visual Studio "14" CTP Now Available & Visual Studio "14" CTP Now Available – The C# and VB.NET teams share in the announcement highlighting some of the new functionality made possible by Roslyn.
  • Announcing web features in Visual Studio"14" CTP – Xinyang Qiu shares a taste of the new web development related features included in the Visual Studio 14 CTP release
  • ASP.NET vNext in Visual Studio "14"  CTP – Pranav Rastogi shares a detailed look at the ASP.NET vNext features included in the CTP Release of Visual Studio 14, walking through in detail the use of ASP.NET vNext
  • Visual Studio 14 CTP and Entity Framework – Rowan Miller shares a look at the places where Entity Framework appears in the Visual Studio 14 CTP release, along with warning about the areas which don’t yet work fully.
  • Visual Studio "14" CTP – Eric Battalio shares the details of the substantial number of new features included in the Visual Studio 14 CTP for the C++ Developer
  • DartVS – Dart Support for Visual Studio – Danny Tuppeny shares his latest Visual Studio Extension which brings the first phases of support for the Dart programming language to the Visual Studio IDE