• Anti-pattern: parallel collections – Jon Skeet discusses an all too common anti-pattern of having multiple collections or arrays with data items relating to each other stored at the same index in different collections. In this post Jon shows refactoring of this, and discusses the performance implications of the refactoring.
  • MSDN Magazine – The June Edition of MSDN Magazine is now available online, with articles looking at TypeScript, OWIN, Katana and TopShelf, ASP.NET MVC and much more
  • Using Traffic Manager with Microsoft Azure Web Site – Benjamin Perkins takes a look at the use of Traffic Manager on Windows Azure, and how your can use it to manage the trafic for Disaster Recovery and Failover in conjunction with Windows Azure Websites.
  • WebSocket libraries comparison – N.Podbielski takes a look at a number of different WebSockets implementations, weighing up the pros and cons of each option in this CodeProject article.
  • First look at Xamarin.Forms – ‘vagifabilov’ shares first impressions of the new Xamarin Forms toolkit for building cross platform native looking applications user interfaces on mobile platforms.
  • Convert a Windows Store App to the Web in Under 10 Minutes – Jeremy Likness takes a look at the process to port a Windows Store application created with WinJS and JavaScript into a standalone web application.
  • How to configure a cluster with Node Js – Ugo Lattanzi takes a look at the purpose of and creation of a Node.js Cluster
  • My Favourite Visual Studio Features #myVSUK – Michael James shares his top 5 favourite features of Visual Studio 2013 in support of the UK Visual Studio Team’s campaign/competition.
  • Real-time with ASP.NET SignalR and Azure Mobile .NET Backend – Henrik F Nielsen announce the latest update for Azure Mobile Services .NET backend which now enables the use of SignalR to communicate between your application and the back end services.
  • AngularJs ng-cloak Problems on large Pages – Rick Strahl discusses the use of ng-cloak to hide the loading of an Angular Application, and looks at the types of problems (and workarounds) needed for larger single page applications.