Apologies to you all – I forget to remind you that Monday was a Public Holiday here in the UK which was why there was no edition yesterday. Normal service resumes (until the next Public Holiday at the end of the month) today.


  • ReSharper runner for xUnit.net 2.0 – Matt Ellis announces the alpha pre-release version of the ReSharper Test runner for XUnit 2.0, available as a pre-release plugin for ReSharper in the Extension Manager, along with the project moving to GitHub
  • FeatureToggle Version 2 Released – Jason Roberts announces the release of FeatureToggle Version 2, a library which makes it easy to enable or disable features of an application, and this release adds binary Windows Store DLLs as well as the introduction of Portable Class Libraries for the Core project.
  • QuickVB Goes Open Source! – The VB.NET team announce the news that the QuickVB sample application created to celebrate the 50th Birthday of BASIC is now licensed as open source and being included as a sample application to demonstrate Roslyn


  • Check Out the May Issue of MSDN Magazine – Michael Desmond highlights the release of the May edition of MSDN Magazine, available to read now online. This month many articles focus on features and behaviours introduced at Build 2014, including discussion o C# V6.0 features.
  • FubuMVC Lessons Learned: Semantic Versioning – Jreemy D Miller continues his series looking at the things he learned along the way in building FubuMVC and running the open source project, tis time with a dicussion of Nuget and Semantic Versioning
  • Missing NHibernate features in Entity Framework – Jimmy Bogard continues his look at migrating from NHibernate to Entity Frameworkhighlighting the features that exist in NHibernate that do not have analogous features in Entity Framework
  • F#23 : Generics – Sacha Barber continues his series looking at the F# language, and the current secion exploring the Object Oriented Programming capabilities of the F# language with a look at how F# supports generics.
  • Encapsulation vs Inversion of Control – Erik Dietrich discusses the controversial subject of Dependency Injection and encapsulation, along with a look at how some folks beleive that the D of the SOLID principles can be a bad idea.
  • The Case of the Terrible, Awful Keyword – Kathleen Dollard discusses the proposed ‘protected internal’ functionality being considered for the C# language, and highlights the various discussions about it along with the team’s feature voting where they are canvasing for you feedback on the feature.
  • Cloud Power: How to scale Azure Websites globally with Traffic Manager – Scott Hanselman shares look at making your site ‘go secure’ with SSL certificates and encryption of communications along with exploring how to scale up your site to cope with demand using the Traffic Manager.
  • Angular 2.0 Router Scenarios – As a part of his work on Angular 2.0 Rob Eisenberg reaches out the community for feedback on a possible router implementation for Angular based upoin Durandal’s router.
  • UnitTest – Martin Fowler discusses Unit Testing, and how it is one of the more confused terms in programming, going back to basics on some of the aims of the techniques.
  • A few hints to get started with writing code to test your code – Kevin Logan shares some tips to help you ‘discover’ what test code yo need to test your applciations code.