• Umbraco 6.2.0 Released – The Umbraco team announce the release of Umbraco 6.2.0, a major update to the V6 line of Umbraco with 8 months effort and over 250 fixes included


  • Lowering in language design, part two – Eric Lippert continues his series looking at ‘lowering’ in compiler and language design, looking in this part at the times when higher level features cannot be expressed as lower level features
  • Happy 50th Birthday, BASIC! – The Visual Basic Team celebrates the 50th Birthday of the BASIC language, and in celebration take this opportunity to share QuickVB, a Roslyn based example which harks back to the earlier days of Basic Programming
  • Abstracting vs Isolating dependencies – Cellfish discusses the practice of abstraction, and considers how in actual fact isolation of dependencies is far more important than abstraction of dependencies
  • Identifying Specific Reference Type Arrays with SOS – Sasha Goldshtein shares a tip on getting reference types to be correctly identified in the SOS debugger
  • Merging Done Right: Semantic Merge – Erik Dietrich takes a look at the traditional merging experience for code, and looks at how Semantic Merge can help dramatically.
  • An history of 11 years of XAML stacks – Jeremy Alles shares a nice visualisation of the 11 year history of the WPF platform, making good use of TimelineJS