• IE11 Release Preview for Windows 7: 30% Faster than Other Browsers and Even More Support for Web Standards – The Internet Explorer Team announce the release of the Release Preview of Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 7, bring parity with the browser to be included in Windows 8.1. Once again this release brings with it improvements both in terms of performance, features and standards compliance.
  • RestSharp 104.2.0 Released – Phil Haack announces the release of RestSharp 104.2.0. Having taken stewardship of the project, Phil has been at work fixing bugs and merging in bugfixes into this mostly bugfix release, along with adding some async support. Phil also outlines his thoughts on the future of RestSharp.
  • Simple.Data 2.0 – Mark Rendle announces his plans for the forthcoming Simple.Data 1.0 release and starts to look towards the work for Simple.Data 2.0, which will include Async support, batch operations and a shift to .NET 4.5.


  • 30 Days of TDD: Day Five – Make Your Code SOLID – James Bender continues his TDD for Beginners series with a look at the SOLID principles, and how these can help with the work to produce good testable code.
  • Scaffolding asynchronous MVC and Web API controllers for Entity Framework 6 – .NET Web Development and Tools Blog – Site Home – MSDN Blogs – Xueyuan Dai looks at spreading asynchrony further into your code base with scaffolding templates for building asynchronous controllers when working with ASP.NET MVC, Web API and Entity Framework 6
  • Security In ASP.NET MVC – Jameel M takes a look at a couple of security related features in ASP.NET MVC, exploring the various mechanisms for Authentication and authorisation, and looking at and preventing Cross Site Scripting and Cross Site Request Forgery.
  • Testing MVC View Names with [CallerMemberName] – Nik Molnar takes a look at testing for the correct view being returned from your controller actions in ASP.NET MVC, and discusses how the default convention is more tricky to test for, sharing a solution using the CallerMemberName attribute and a couple of controller base class methods to provide values at compile time for the view name in default cases.
  • Monad like programming with C# – Muraad Nofal takes a look at monads and looks at how you can write monad like code using C# in this CodeProject article
  • Getting Ready for AngularJS 1.2 – Shawn Wildernuth takes a look at some of the significant changes coming in the soon to be released Angular 1.2, exploring routing changes, binding method changes, and highlighting the official change log.