• Modular AngularJS NuGet Packages – John Papa shares some NuGet packages for AngularJS he created in conjunction with Scott Allen, Jeremy Likness which break down the framework into the modules available allowing you to be specific about what your application requires


  • Streamlining Dependency Management in Visual Studio – Howard Dierking discusses and shares some thinking on the methods of managing and taking dependencies in Visual Studio using NuGet, and looks at some of the common dependency management tasks that developers need to perform.
  • Understanding (and testing for) view state MAC in ASP.NET web forms – Troy Hunt takes a look at the MAC (Message Authentication Codes) feature of ViewState and how it allows you to be sure that the data returning from the client as ViewState in ASP.NET Web Forms has not been tampered with.
  • How many tuple types are there in C#? – Tomas Petricek discusses tupled and curried forms of functions, and takes a look at the common Tuple types in C# and how the parameters of a function could be considered to be Tuples.
  • Popular Code Conventions on GitHub – Phil Haack highlights a neat project which came out of the ‘GitHub Data Challenge’ which allows you to gain stats on code style conventions from the data held in GitHub. The sad part is that there is no C# support currently, however Phil has appealed to the community to see if anyone fancies creating a code convention parser to extract the required data.
  • Challenges & solutions – Architecture of a Modern Web Application – Part 1 – Syed Rafey Husain takes us on a whirlwind tour of a huge range of aspects of Web Development technology in this CodeProject article, looking at the breadth of technologies available to use in Web applications.
  • The New Turbo Button – Balancing Power Management and Performance on Windows Servers – Scott Hanselman draws upon the similarities of the old Turbo Button common on old 386 and 486 PCs, and discusses how in the modern world the Power Management facilities of your PC, Server or Laptop probably are performing the same role – often to the detriment of performance and without us knowing.