• Glimpse 1.6.1 released – Anthony van der Hoorn announces the release of Glimpse 1.6.1 a bugfix release which addresses the majority of reported issues, and results in updates to Core, AspNet, Ado and Ef* Glimpse Packages
  • Immutable collections are now RC – Immo Landwerth announces the release candidate release of the Immutable Collections library. This Release Candidate, v1.0.23 RC includes a number of changes including removal of ImmutableArray<T> , removal of Comparers from interfaces, along with other consistency in construction and ToString implementations


  • Hadoop for .NET Developers: Implementing a (Slightly) More Complex MapReduce Job – Bryan C Smith continues his series looking at Hadoop for .NET Developers with a look at creating a more involved Map Reduce job to crunch some UFO sightings data, walking through the process.
  • Task.Run vs BackgroundWorker, Round 4: Cancellation – Stephen Cleary shares part 4 of a series looking at he differences between Task.Run and BackgroundWorker, with this part looking at how you go about cancelling work with both. Be sure to check back over the past couple of months of posts to find the others in this series
  • Using FiddlerCore to Capture Streaming Audio – ProgrammerTim looks at programatically using Fiddler.Core to capture network traffic and perform work on it, in this case streaming audio being saved away – a useful technique to know about, and a handy reminder that Fiddler is a lot more than just a HTTP Debugger.
  • Get the number of users that are online using SignalR – Dean Hume takes a look at using SignalR to track the number of users connected to a site – not something you would generally use it for on its own, but a useful bit of functionality for something bigger, and also a good example of how you can do connection tracking in SignalR.
  • Using Hardware to Decode and Load JPG Images up to 45% faster in Internet Explorer 11 – Jatinder Mann of the Internet Explorer team discusses a new feature of Internet Explorer 11 which offloads some of the work of decoding JPG images to the GPU to improve performance
  • Threshold Test – Martin Fowler discusses the concept of a Threshold Test, one where you track a metric and have a threshold value over which your test fails – this is a useful strategy for many deployment and performance related tests.