• August 2013 Internet Explorer Updates – Yesterday was patch Tuesday an the Internet Explorer team highlight their patch contributions which this month includes a critical update for IE6-10 on both Client and Server OS SKUs


  • Windows Azure cross-platform command line improvements – Summer 2013 – Jeff Wilcox takes us through the Summer 2013 enhancements to the Windows Azure Command Line interface. The Azure command line is my favourite way of working with Azure websites and I often forget quite how much of the rest of Windows Azure you can manipulate from your terminal window – well worth checking out if you’ve never used it.
  • Single Page Apps & Realtime, a Love Story – Chris Missal continues his series focusing on building real time HTML 5 applications, in this part taking a look at the trend for single page applications, and some of the technologies that SPA are built upon.
  • Knockout Tutorial – Part 1 – Deepak Gupta shares the first part of a tutorial series on the use of the Knockout client side MVVM library. In this first part Deepak gives some background to Knockout and shares some simple examples.
  • JavaScript Data Binding with Knockout.js – Patrick Steele also explores Knockout in this Visual Studio Magazine article, again stepping through a simple example and looking at the internal templating mechanisms provided by Knockout.
  • Functionally Similar – Comparing Underscore.js to LINQ – Edward Charbeneau discusses the functional programming similarities between LINQ and Underscore.js, comparing some of the operations in Underscore with their LINQ counterparts
  • JavaScript Design Patterns – Nitin Singh gives an overview of four JavaScript patterns (Simulated Class, Module, Revealing Module, and Lazy Function) giving the background and sharing an example to illustrate each in this CodeProject article
  • Web Dev .NET: Reducing Filter and Map Down to Reduce – Elijah Manor takes a look at two of the new ECMAScript 5 functions for working with arrays which you’ve possibly not yet encountered, looking at Map, Filter and Reduce functions, and also exploring their PollyFill implementations to add back to JavaScript environments which do not support them.
  • Architecture & Design Guidance, make the machine do your work for you – Ayende discusses the benefit in visualising the problems you are working on in order to better understand it, and hopefully help you find the answers to problems you are encountering, discussing a recent case where he used GraphViz to help out.


  • NxtGenUG – Event: Windows Azure Websites – Richard Conway visits the Birmingham NxtGenUG on the evening of Tuesday 20th August for a session on the use of Windows Azure Websites to get your application up and running and public, looking at both .NET and non-.NET development support.