Whoops, closed the laptop lid too quickly again this morning….sorry today’s is late foks.



  • Conventional HTML in ASP.NET MVC: Building tags – Jimmy Bogard takes a look at the use of the HtmlTag type in ASP.NET MVC HtmlHelper methods to provide a good way of building HTML Tag output and also to provide a good way of testing such methods.
  • Attribute Routes and Hierarchical Routing – K Scott Allen discusses attribute based routing which is a feature which will be coming to the ASP.NET Platform as part of the next release, and how he feels that there are some downsides to performing routing scattered througout the controllers.
  • ASP.NET Release Checklist – Dean Hume shares a checklist he uses when ever he deploys code update to ASP.NET based projects – all good things to think about before you push the button on your latest relaese.
  • How to Build a RSS Feed Reader using Windows Phone App Studio? – Kunal Chowdhury takes a look at the newly launched Windows Phone App Studio, a web based application builder tool which allows you to create a variety of types of Windows Phone application directly from your browser.
  • Obscure WinDbg Commands, Part 1 – Sasha Goldshtein shares the first part of what will certainly be an interesting series on less known but very useful WinDbg commands, starting with !uniqstack and !findstack, both commands I would have found useful in past debugging sessions.
  • PowerShell 4.0 – What’s new? – Oliver Kohl D.Sc takes us on a tour of the new aspects of PowerShell 4, including discussion of where to get it for your operating system, looking at the various components and some of the new command capabilities.