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The Morning Brew #1407

Posted by on 26 Jul 2013 | Tagged as: .NET, Development, Morning Brew

Ack….closed the laptop too quickly again today – thanks to those who reminded it hadn’t gone out yet…




The Morning Brew #1406

Posted by on 25 Jul 2013 | Tagged as: .NET, Development, Morning Brew

Another short edition today I’m afraid…..


  • Major upgrades to Xamarin’s platform: Async is here – Miguel de Icaza announces the exciting news that the Xamarin platform will now features C# async/await support (bringing it in line with C#5), along with providing async method support for the native platform APIs as well.
  • Introducing the KingAOP Framework: Part 1 – Antya Dev shares a look at KingAOP, an Aspect Oriented Programming framework for .NET licensed under the MIT license.
  • MSBuild is now part of Visual Studio! – Will Buik highlights the news that MSBuild has now become part of Visual Studio, and along with this that there is now a stand alone package for the compilers and MSBuild which comes as part of Visual Studio 2013
  • Azure SQL Data Premium Now Available – Bryan Group highlights the preview of the new Windows Azure SQL Data Premium package, providing more performance guarantees for cloud hosted SQL.


  • Self Hosting WebAPI with Katana – K.Scott Allen takes a look at hosting Web API within Katana using the latest pre-release packages for providing a OWIN host.
  • Free APress e-book on GIT! – Tatworth highlights a free e-book from APress on the Git version control systems – something well worth getting a limited understanding of even if you don’t currently use it.
  • Victory Lap for Ask Patents – Joel Spolsky discusses the evilness of software patents, the lengths that companies go to secure patents, and also how it can be possible to overturn patents
  • Stupid Question 222: What is type forwarding in C#? – Iris Classon continues her series of ‘Stupid Question’ posts with a look at Type Forwarding in .NET and how it makes features like portable class libraries possible.

The Morning Brew #1405

Posted by on 24 Jul 2013 | Tagged as: .NET, Development, Morning Brew

Short edition today, due to restricted time because of bad traffic on my commute



  • Katana License Lifts Windows-only Restriction – Howard Dierking recaps on the licensing restriction regarding platform use and announces a change to the licensing of the Katana project to permit use on other platforms.
  • Scriptcs and multiline REPL! – Filip W gives an update on some recent changes to the ScriptCS REPL environment, and highlights the new, not yet released in stable build multi-line constructs in the REPL.
  • The Right Tests in the Wrong Order – Mike Jansen discusses the importance of the order of developing your tests for Test Driven Development and how it relates to the overfall understanding of the practice, and getting the best results out of it.
  • In defense of JavaScript’s constructors – Dr. Axel Rauschmayer digs down into the use of constructor for objects in JavaScript, looking at how they work and best practices for their use

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