• HttpClient 2.2 is now stable – Immo Landwerth announces the RTM release of HttpClient 2.2 with the automatic decompression support, sharing an example which illustrates the new functionality in use


  • License your code – Phil Haack continues discussions about applying licenses to your code and especially that of open source projects, recapping a little, and sharing some recent developments and information resources regarding choosing a license.
  • How we do MVC – 4 years later – Jimmy Bogard returns to the land of web development after a few years doing SOA/Service bus work, and shares impressions on the way we now do MVC, discussing some of the things that have been adopted into the core from futures and contrib packages, and some of the features which have gone by the wayside.
  • Your website has never been hacked! (except for all the times that it has) – Troy Hunt warns against complacency regarding security issues that you ‘don’t think have been exploited’
  • No new C# and VB Language Features in VS 2013 – Mads Torgersen discusses why the 2013 release of Visual Studio does not bring with it new language features for VB and C#, and how this freeze helps them finalise the new compilers using Roslyn.
  • Implementing simple change tracking using NHibernate – Gunnar Peipman takes a look at performing changes to entities when they are saved using NHibernate’s Interceptor plugin implementation to intercept saves on changed entities and perform work.
  • Creating a typical Tab – Your code, your plugins, part 2 – Anthony van der Hoorn continues his series looking at building custom tab functionality to extend Glimpse, looking at the controlling of rendering of data on the tab in this part.
  • AttributeUsage.Inherited flag – Mike Stall looks at the inheritance and multiple applicability of Attributes in C#, sharing a simple example and the results of the various combinations of attributes, settings and inheritance.