• YUI 3.11.0 Released – The Yahoo! User Interface team announce the release of YUI 3.11.0. This release includes some significant performance improvements along with some new pagination features, as well as changes to other UI components and the core library itsself


  • The reactive manifesto – Reactive programming is really taking off, with libraries addressing this development style appearing for all major languages. The Reactive Manifesto provides an excellent overview of why we need to consider reactive programming to address modern software development problems.
  • An Introduction to Windows Azure BLOB Storage – Mike Wood takes a detailed look at BLOB storage on Windows Azure, looking at working with Blob storage from .NET, best practices for its use as well as looking at utilities which communicate with azure blob storage allowing you to manage blobs in a file like manner through explorer.
  • Look ma, no frameworks – Rob Ashton discusses the reasoning behind his preference to avoid the multitude of frameworks when building JavaScript applications
  • HTML UI Responsiveness tool in Visual Studio 2013 – Jonathan Carter discusses and explores the performance tools for HTML and JavaScript applications which come as part of Visual Studio 2013 to help you ensure that your HTML/JS application performs well and remains responsive.
  • Tracing in ASP.NET MVC Razor Views – Tom Dykstra takes a look at using Trace to help debug Razor views without exposing errors to users
  • JavaScript Editor Improvements in Visual Studio 2013 Preview – The Visual Studio Blog – Site Home – MSDN Blogs – Jordan Matthiesen Jordan Matthiesen takes a look at the various improvements made to the JavaScript editor in Visual Studio 2013 Preview including identifier highlighting, the introduction of the navigation bar, and brace completion and navigation improvements.
  • Upgrading from MVC3 to MVC4 and MVC4 Async – Eli Weinstock-Herman discusses the process of upgrading an application from ASP.NET MVC 3 to ASP.NET MVC4 and taking advantage of some of the Async features of ASP.NET MVC4


  • [Recording] NuGet for the Enterprise + Q&A – Britt King shares the recording of last weeks PostSharp webinar where Alex Papadimoulis joined Gael Fraiteur to discuss the use of NuGet as a deployment management and software distribution mechanism.