Had a fantastic weekend at DDD East Anglia, enjoyed some excellent sessions, and got to trade war stories with friends old and new. Many thanks to the organisers for the excellent job they did.




  • NDC Videos online – Jimmy Bogard highlights the availability of his sessions from the recent NDC conference. All the sessions from the conference are now available online on Vimeo on the NDCOslo on Vimeo account, so check them out as there is an incredible amount of good technical content there.
  • Talk: The Complete Async — three talks from TechEd Europe 2013 – Lucian Wischik shares Video, Slides, demo code and speaker notes for his three sessions on Async presented at the TechEd Europe conference last week. The content here takes you from beginner level through to advanced topics.
  • Ask Udi 1: Alternative Architectures – Preaching to the Unconverted – Udi Dahan shares the first episode of his Ask Udi series addressing the top two questions he received, discussing standard architecture, and the motivations that can be used on those less inclined towards publish subscribe and message bus architectures.
  • Glimpse Town Hall #3 – The Glimpse Team are holding their next ‘Town Hall’ meeting on Tuesday, July 2nd at 4:00 PM (UTC-5:00). This is an opportunity to discuss a variety of aspects of the project including project roadmap and questions and answers