Another big edition today, still lots of //build/ and Visual Studio 2013 news about.

Two other snippets of news:

  • Tomorrow is DDD East Anglia down in Cambridge – I’ll be there, and I suspect so will some of you, so if you see me come and say Hi.
  • Prompted by a request from a reader for Twitter announcements of posts I’ve set up a new Twitter account (@MorningBrewNet) which hopefully starting from today’s edition will include a tweet announcing the post shortly after it goes live.

//build/ and Visual Studio 2013


  • ReSharper 8.0 Beta is Available & ReSharper to Support C++ – The JetBrains team announce the availability of the Beta of ReSharper 8, a release which already works correctly in the newly release preview of Visual Studio 2013. The team also announce their plans to implement ReSharper for C++ developers in future releases of ReSharper, and discussing their progress to date on implementing this.


  • IE11 Preview and the New Developer Tools – K. Scott Allen takes a look at the new Internet Explorer 11 F12 Developer Tools which have been vastly overhauled in the new release, and take on a ‘Metro’ look and feel.
  • New Controls in Windows 8.1 – Muhamad Umer highlights the new controls available to developers in Windows 8.1 Applications in the preview release
  • SignalR Revisited – Eric Vogel takes a look at the recent changes SignalR building on his previous articles on the subject, looking at implementing his previous example application using persistent connections using the latest version of the API to illustrate the differences.
  • New way of creating web applications on Visual Studio 2013 – &
  • Code Information Indicators in Visual Studio 2013 – Gunnar Peipman explores the new Visual Studio Preview with a look at the new Web Project setup dialogs allowing a better choice of what aspects of the ‘One ASP.NET’ framework your project contains, and takes a look at some of the new visual aids to inform you about different aspects of your code.
  • Automate & Orchestrate Azure – Shailesh Lolam takes a look at automating and coordinating the process of deploying to and provisioning Windows Azure services