• Announcing the Unit Test Generator Visual Studio Extension BETA – Willy Peter Schaub highlights the beta release of the ALM Rangers Unit Test Generator Extension for Visual Studio. The team are very keen for people to try it out and to give feedback
  • Glimpse 1.4.1 Released – Glimpse gets a minor update to address a couple of reported issues with Glimpse 1.4. There are updated packages for Glimpse.Core and Glimpse.MVC*
  • Getting a Fix on Fixie – Sharon Cichelli highlights Fixie a new testing framework from Patrick Lioi, giving a brief overview of its use, and suggesting how you can get involved in the project.


  • NuGet Package Restore Issues – Immo Landwerth discusses some problems people are running into with the Microsoft.Bcl.Build and Microsoft.Bcl.Compression pacakges and the NuGet Package Restore caused by its custom build targets. This post discusses the issues in depth and shares some workarounds.
  • Replacing with jQuery.on() – Rick Strahl looks at one of the more significant changes between jQuery 1.9 and 1.10, the removal of the jQuery,live() function, and looks at migrating to the newer jQuery.on().
  • SQL Is Hard – Eli Weinstock-Herman discusses some of the difficulties people have in learning SQL properly, and highlights the launch of, a new learning resource to help people get up to speed.
  • Painless management of a logging table in SQL Server – Hugo Kornelis discusses techniques for managing and removing records from logging tables, along the way discussing some best practices for design, and highlighting some of the difficulties encountered when working with tables with billions of rows.