• Glimpse Heads-Up Display released – The Glimpse Team announce the release of the Glimpse ‘Heads Up Display’ an significant new UI to their excellent profiling and debugging tool. I won’t say much more here, as Yesterday’s ‘Afternoon Tea’ had lots of information
  • NuDoc: A .NET XML API Documentation Reader – Daniel Cazzulino shares NuDoc an NuGet package which reads the XML Documentation files generated by the build process which can form the basis of tooling to generate human readable documentation in any format you choose.
  • June 2013 Internet Explorer Updates – The Internet Explorer Team highlight their latest updates package which addresses 19 privately reported vulnerabilities across Internet Explorer 6-10


  • All about promises (for Windows Store apps written in JavaScript) – Kraig Brockschmidt shares a detailed discussion on the use of Promises in Windows 8 Application Development in JavaScript which allow you to work correctly with asynchronous APIs, a critical part of Win8 application development.
  • Simple Validation with MVVM for Windows Store apps – Jeremy Likness takes a look at validation in an MVVM setting and explores the creation of your own simple validation implementation.
  • Understanding PowerShell’s Type Conversion Magic – Lee Holmes takes a look at the magic ‘it just works’ world of type conversion in PowerShell, looking at the hard work that PowerShell does behind the scenes to make it ‘just work’
  • Doing the Time-Warp – Andy Harman takes a look at making code which makes repeated use of DateTime.Now behave as intended by creating time bubbles which freeze the time for that block of code.