• Monads, part five – Eric Lippert continues his series exploring Monadic Types, continuing taking us on a journey to build up a definition of what it means to be a Monad, looking in this part at some of the more complicated aspects involving return types.
  • C#/.NET Little Wonders: Extension Methods Demystified – James Michael Hare resumes his C#/.NET Little Wonders series to take a look at the use of Extension Methods, allowing you to add methods to types and interfaces, and discussing when you should consider using Extension Methods.
  • MSDN Magazine – March 2013 – The March Edition of MSDN Magazine is available online (actually it has been for a few days, but I forgot to mention it!). This month sees articles on Entity Framework 6, The JavaScript API for Office, a nice article on Async / Await, along with plenty more and all the usual columns.
  • NHibernate Pitfalls: Batch Loading – Ricardo Peres continues his NHibernate series with a look at batch loading optimisations, and the danger that it may load a lot more data than you intended when you use the functionality.
  • ASP.NET Web API: Using Namespaces to Version Web APIs – Mike Wasson discusses the difficult subject of versioning APIs looking at how you can do this with ASP.NET Web API, highlighting that just putting controllers in different namespaces is not enough due to the way controllers are located, and looking at alternatives.
  • Breaking down Amazon’s mega dropdown – Ben Kamens has an interesting look at the new Amazon navigation menu, discussing how it has some additional unseen intelligence which makes it much more usable than many other implementations.
  • Disney Fairies: The evolution of hub screen box layout in Windows Store apps – Pete Brown is also discussing UI topics taking a look at the different approaches used in Windows 8 applications for a hub screen based on a box layout, looking at some basic examples, progressing through to viaully rich versions from Disney.


  • Glimpse Town Hall #1: Virtual Release Party – The Glimpse team are hosting what they hope will be the first of many ‘Town Hall’ meetings about Glimpse, the planned features, roadmap, etc. This first gathering also will be the ‘Virtual Launch Party’ for Glimpse 1.0 and takes place on Tuesday 12th March at 3:30 PM (UTC-5:00)