• Security Code Review Techniques: Cross-Site Scripting Edition – Jonathan Rozenblit shares a guest post from Sherif Koussa discussing the various security risks in ASP.NET applications where cross site scripting vulnerabilities may be exposed, highlighting areas to watch out for in code reviews.
  • Polymorphism Part 2: Refactoring to Polymorphic Behavior – John Teague continues his series looking at polymorphism, with a look at refactoring procedural code to polymorphic behaviour, converting code which uses switch statements to a more object oriented approach.
  • Async, Exceptions and Library Design – Bill Wagner discusses the exception handling behaviour of async methods, looking at how they wrap exceptions up in faulted tasks, and shares a technique to add in synchronous exceptions for things you consider to be programming mistakes like argument exceptions.
  • Parallel and The C# Memory Model – Bnaya Eshet discusses how the same program utilising parallel programming will operate differently depending on the execution environment, with the build mode and presence of a debugger altering the behaviour, and shares links to some articles on the subject which go deeper.
  • Guest Post: Getting started with Windows Azure Mobile Services – Sarah Lamb shares a guest post from friend of the brew Gary Pretty, giving a getting started guide to working with the Windows Azure Mobile Services.
  • ASP.NET 4.5 – FAQs on SignalR Script Exceptions – Vincent Maverick S. Durano takes a look at the causes and solutions to three common exceptions in client side code which pay occur when you are getting started with SignalR .
  • Formatting .NET Assembly Summary Documentation – ‘cigwork’ discusses the format of the XML Documentation files generated by the compiler which document your code (using the XML Documentation comments you add), and look at processing it with XSLT to produce documentation for your code (in real human readable form) in this Code Project article