Short edition today as most of my Morning Brew creation time was spent sat in a traffic jam 🙁



  • You Want To Build Web Software with C#? – K. Scott Allen discusses the ever increasing options available for you to build Web Based applications on the .NET Stack, sharing some guidence in making the decision between the range of possibilities.
  • Entity Frame Performance Gotcha – Derik Whittaker shares a performance gotcha he encountered while working with Entity Framework and lazy load, having a query return far more data then expected.
  • Seeding and Debugging Entity Framework (EF) DBs – Rick_Anderson looks a the use of AddOrUpdate in Entity Framework to initially populate data, ideal for test and debugging databases.
  • Setting up Git With Visual Studio Tutorial – Matteo Tontini shares a useful guide for getting up and nrunning with git based version control if like many you can’t run the 2012 integrated support currently in CTP