• Rx 2.1 is available on NuGet! – The Reactive Extensions Team announce the release of the Reactive Extensions 2.1, a release targeted at adding Windows Phone 8 support, and discuss a change to the way the library is signed, and also to how its distributed with the introduction of NuGet packages.
  • jQuery 1.9.1 Released – The jQuery Team announce the release of jQuery 1.9.1, a release which addresses bugs and regressions introduced in 1.9
  • CSLA 4.5 version 4.5.11 beta available – Rockford Lhotka announces the beta release of version 4.5.11 of his CSLA 4.5 application framework. This release adds support for Windows Phone 8, improves the segregation of ASP.NET MVC 3 and 4 and EF 4 and 5 support, allows for better transaction control, and addresses reported bugs. Expect the final release in a few weeks.
  • Simultaneous Editing for Visual Studio with the free MultiEdit extension – Scott Hanselman discusses why he uses 3 different text editors, and highlights a Visual Studio Extension from Ala Shiban a Program Manager on the Visual Studio "Core Editor" Team. This extension brings Multi-Edit functionality to Visual Studio allowing you to insert/delete text at multiple points in a document at the same time.


  • Static constructors, part one – Eric Lippert kicks off another series of posts, building on a previous post and exploring in detail the strange world of Static Constructors, starting out with pointers to resources on initializer order, before looking at how static constructors work
  • OWIN and Razor – Fredrik Normén continues his exploration of OWIN as a foundation for HTTP based services, looking at bringing the Razor View engine into an OWIN sample, and building a very light weight MVC pattern based sample
  • Windows Performance Analyzer – Sasha Goldshtein takes a look at how things have moved on in the Event Tracing For Windows world since the Windows Performance Toolkit release in 2008, looking at the new functionality introduced in the Windows 8 SDK
  • PragPub Magazine – Issue #44, February 2013 – The Team over at the Pragmatic Bookshelf have released their February on-line magazine, with a focus on celebrating the 20th birthday of the Ruby language, along with various other articles on Software development.
  • F# + ServiceStack – F# Web Services on any platform in and out of a web server – Don Syme highlights two articles from Demis Bellot on using F# with the Service Stack framework, allowing you to use F# to create ASP.NET based web application functionality on any ASP.NET compatible server
  • Create, Connect, and Publish using Visual Studio with Git – Andy Lewis and Matthew Mitrik take a detailed look at the it support introduced in the Visual Studio 2012.2 Update, showing how you work with it to achieve common goals of version control.