• MSDN Magazine – February 2013 – The February edition of MSDN Magazine is now available online, with articles on the new JavaScript Office API, Async Causality Chain Tracking, Data analysis, Kinect, Windows Store application development, and much more
  • Using a Java Framework with F#: The Stanford Parser for NLP – Don Syme discusses the ability fo F# to call functionality from other platforms via TypeProviders and discusses how IKVM provides a means to do this for Java, and highlights some work by Sergey Tihon on getting The Stanford Parser for NLP working in F#
  • Preparing your Windows Store app for a world market – Ray Shuman (and a team of contributing authors) discuss the Globalisation of Windows 8 Store Applications, discussing how the platform caters for Globalisation, looking at using the features, and highlighting further resources.
  • Meet the New Stack, Same as the Old Stack – Alex Young discusses the explosion and evolution of JavaScript Framework Choices, looking at how the ‘default stack’ of libraries has evolved over time.
  • Getting started with NodeJs and Express on Windows – Daniel Wertheim gives a quick start guide to getting up and running with NodeJS on Windows, looking at the creation of application using the package manager NPM and Express, and discussing the IDE support for similar procedures.
  • Netflix: Solving Big Problems with Reactive Extensions (Rx) – Claudio Caldato gives an update on progress with the Reactive Extensions, highlighting recent releases, and calling attention to NetFlix’s Java implementation of the Reactive Extensions